Asam Asam coal terminal

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The Asam Asam coal terminal is a coal export facility located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The terminal is operated by PT Astrindo Nusantara Infrastruktur Tbk and has an annual capacity of 12 million tonnes per year.[1]


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PT Arutmin Indonesia sends coal mined at its Asam Asam coal mine to the Asam Asam coal terminal for export. PT Arutmin pays PT Astrindo IDR15,000,000 (approximately US$1050) per month for use of the facility, as well as IDR35,714.29 (approximately US$2.50) for each tonne of coal exported per year in excess of 5 million tonnes.[2]

PT Mitratama Perkasa owns and operates the Asam Asam coal terminal and the West Mulia coal terminal. In 2022, coal handling capacity of PT Mitratama Perkasa reached 19.66 milllion tonnes. PT Mitratama Perkasa has an integrated coal service and it owns and rents coal port and crusher facilities to PT Arutmin. [3][4]

Project Details

  • Owner: PT Mitratama Perkasa
  • Parent: PT Astrindo Nusantara Infrastruktur Tbk
  • Location: South Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Annual Coal Capacity (Tonnes): 12 million
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Exports
  • Coal source: Asam Asam coal mine

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