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Attis coal terminal is located at the Port of Nakhodka on Russia east coast.

The Port of Nakhodka is a major export hub for Russian coal. Together, the seven terminals handled 16.2 million tonnes of coal in 2019.[1]


The map below shows the location of the Attis coal terminal. Terminal Astafiev is located directly to the northeast.

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The Attis coal terminal is operated by LLC Attis Enterprise, which was founded in 1991. The terminal has an annual capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year, and, according to the company's website, usually handles approximately 2 million tonnes of cargo per year.[2] In 2019, the terminal handled 1.4 million tonnes of coal.[1] LLC Attis Enterprise was founded by Port Holding LLC, which in turn is 51% owned by Artem Kozovoy, the son of the Russian oligarch Gennady Kozovoy, who withdrew from the public sphere after an accident at one of his mines in 2010 killed 90 workers.[3]

In March 2018, the governor of the Primorye region passed a regulation that stated that any company that did not construct a fully closed coal-handling process would be barred from operating at the Port of Nakhodka at the end of 2020. Six months prior to the deadline, the Attis coal terminal had shown no signs of working on a closed coal-handling. Observers speculated that in the past the terminal was given special treatment with regard to environmental regulation because of an alleged personal connection with Nakhodka's prosecutor.[4][3]

In addition, upon investigation, the Attis coal terminal was found to have illegally constructed the rail lines approaching the port in 2013, without receiving regulatory approval. Again, personal ties between Attis Enterprise and local regulators seemed to have allowed the illegal construction to proceed. As of June 2020, the rail lines were still operating.[5]

As of December 2021, there have been no updates in the media or on the company's website regarding a transition to closed coal-handling at Attis coal terminal, and yet the terminal appears to still be operating. In October 2021, a news report describing a dispute over ownership of the terminal states that it will soon "be able to work calmly and efficiently."[6]

Project Details

  • Operator: LLC Attis Enterprise
  • Location: Nakhodka, Russia
  • Annual Coal Capacity (Tonnes): 2.5
  • Type: Exports
  • Source of Coal: Russia

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