Baodi-Xianghe-Xiji gas pipeline

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Baodi-Xianghe-Xiji gas pipeline (陕京四线支线联络线宝香西输气管线) is an operating natural gas pipeline in China.[1]


The pipeline runs from Baodi, Tianjin to Xiji, Tongzhou, Beijing

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Project Details

  • Operator:
  • Parent Company: PipeChina[2]
  • Current capacity: 17 bcm/year
  • Proposed capacity:
  • Length: 48 mi / 78 km
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2016


The pipeline is a branch line of Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline 4, connecting Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline 4 and Tangshan LNG terminal.[3] In October 2020 ownership of the pipeline was transferred from CNPC to PipeChina.[2]

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