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Barney Point Coal Terminal was a coal export terminal at the Port of Gladstone in Queensland, Australia.

The terminal had a capacity of 8 million tonnes (Mt) a year.[1] Approximately 4.5Mt of coal was exported annually from the terminal until 20 May 2016.[2]

The port was scheduled to close down in response to the opening of the nearby Wiggins Island Coal Terminal. Wiggins opened in April 2015, after three years of construction.[3]

On 20 May 2016, GPC's Barney Point Terminal exported its final coal vessel and subsequently ceased coal operations at the terminal.[4]


The coal export terminal was located at the Port of Gladstone in Queensland, Australia

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Project Details

  • Owner: Gladstone Ports Corporation
  • Location: Port of Gladstone, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 4.5 million tonnes of coal
  • Start year: 1967
  • Status: Retired in 2016


Barney Point Coal Terminal was established in the early 1960s as a joint venture with Mitsui of Japan to export coal from the Moura coal mine in Queensland. The newly-formed joint venture Thiess Peabody Mitsui was prepared to construct a private rail line from the Moura mine to Gladstone and work began on constructing a wharf. The facility was completed in 1967-1968 and the first shipment of coal (1,600t) departed on August 9, 1967, aboard MV Sangoh Maru. Gladstone Port Authority (GPA; now Gladstone Ports Corporation) purchased the facility, assuming full responsibility of its operations in November 1998.[5]

In April 2010 it was announced that The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) authorized arrangements to transfer specified amounts of coal handling capacity from the Barney Point Coal Terminal to the proposed Wiggins Island Coal Terminal at the Port of Gladstone in Queensland. This was expected to facilitate the closure of Barney Point Coal Terminal, which has raised pollution concerns among residents of the area for a number of years.[6] In July 2014, Queensland government sources confirmed that Barney Point would shut down in conjunction with the opening of the Wiggins Island Coal Terminal in 2015.[7]

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