Blackwater Rail System

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The Blackwater Rail System is the is the largest of the four coal systems owned and operated by QR National.

This railway line services services the Bowen Basin coal region and connects connects to the two export terminals, the RG Tanna Coal Terminal (70 million tonnes per annum capacity) and the Barney Point Coal Terminal (8 million tonnes of capacity) both of which are in the Port of Gladstone.[1]

QR National states that "the Blackwater system also services a number of domestic users including Stanwell and Gladstone Power Station, Cement Australia and the Comalco Refinery (Rio Tinto Alcan).[2]

QR National states that the Blackwater system "consists of 985 km of bi-directional track. 807 kms of track is electrified. Callemondah Yard is used to provision train services."[2]

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