CLPGX coal terminal

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CLPGX coal terminal is in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.


The port is located in Qisha Town, Gangkou District, Fangchenggang Prefecture.

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The terminal is a dedicated coal terminal for the 1,260 MW Fangchenggang Qisha power station, owned by CLP Group.[1] The company is currently building two additional coal-fired units at this plant, with a total planned capacity of 1,320 MW.[2] The company said it had secured a long-term coal supply from Indonesia for the new units.[3] However, since 2014, there has been no news on whether this expansion was completed and no updates on the status of the terminal (as of July 2021). As of 2023, the expansion was presumed operational.

Port Details

  • Operator: CLP Group
  • Location: Fangchenggang Prefecture, Guangxi Zhuange Autonomous Region, China
  • Coal Capacity (tonnes per year):
  • Status: Existing
  • Type: Imports
  • Coal source: Indonesia

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