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Cadiz City coal terminal is a small coal-handling facility in Negros Occidental, the Philippines.


The map below shows the location of the coal stockpile, about 2 kilometers south of the Cadiz City Port.

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The terminal began operating in 2014, supplying coal to small industries. It is operated by run by Asia Pacific Energy Resources Ventures, a subsidiary of French firm Sparkling Commondities.[1]

The terminal was constructed to supply coal for the proposed Cadiz City power station. As of September 2022, there had been no updates on that power station in several years, suggesting it may be shelved or cancelled.

Project Details

  • Operator: Asia Pacific Energy Resources Ventures (APERVI), owned by Sparkling Commodities
  • Location: Barangay Tinampaan, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental Province, Philippines
  • Coordiantes: 10.941437328845794, 123.31596861217893 (exact)
  • Annual Coal Capacity (Tonnes):
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Imports
  • Sources of coal: Indonesia[2] The capacity of the terminal in not known.

Articles and resources


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