Canning Basin Coal Project (Cullen Resources)

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The Canning Basin Coal Project (Cullen Resources) is a notional coal project in north-west western Australia which has been touted by Cullen Resources as part of a joint venture with Advaita Resources. (Stratum Metals, a small Sydney based exploration company, has promoted the Canning Basin Coal Project (Stratum Metals).)

The company states that the project cover 1315km² "of tenements and applications". It also reports that from a 23 hole drilling program, coal was discovered in only four holes and then only thin seams. (The company states the seams are "0.19-0.55m thick".)[1]

In its September 2012 quarterly activities report Cullen states that "currently there is minimal activity on these projects pending tenement approvals, and Cullen may seek to farm – out these projects pending improvement in investor sentiment in the coal sector."[2] In an October 2012 investor briefing the company did not mention its coal properties or list them in its "near term activities" list.[3]


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