Caofeidian Coal Terminal

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Caofeidian Coal Terminal is located at the deepwater Caofeidian Port in Hebei, China.

Caofeidian Port, together with Jingtang Port a little further north, forms the Port of Tangshan, one of the major coal ports in China.


The terminal is located in Luannan county, Tangshan.

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The deepwater port is used both for coal exports and imports.[1]

In April 2013 the terminal's capacity was expanded from 100 million to 150 million tonnes per annum. The port’s coal handling capacity is being expanded by another 50 million tonnes, to 200 million tonnes total per annum. The project, being carried out in three phases, is planned for completion by May 2018.[2]

In April 2017 Tangshan Port said it was canceling plans for two more coal terminals at the port totaling 100 million tonnes per annum due to weak demand.[3]

Project Details

  • Operator: Qinhuangdao Port Co., a subsidiary of Hebei Port Group[4]
  • Location: Tangshan Municipality, Hebei province, China
  • Existing Coal Capacity (Tonnes per year): 150 million
  • Additional Proposed Capacity (Tonnes per year): 50 million
  • Status: Expansion under construction, planned for completion by 2018
  • Type: Exports (primarily) but also imports
  • Coal source: Daqin rail line, expanding to include Inner Mongolian coal with completion of Mengji (Baotou-Caofeidian) line
  • Cost of expansion:
  • Financing for expansion:

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