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Date Year Location of accident (& link to article on accident) Country Ship name Port of Departure Destination Load (tonnes) Outcome of accident
February 12 1963 off the coast of Chincoteague, Virginia United States Marine Electric Ship sank, crew of 36, 24 drowned, nine missing.[1]
May 24 1966 Pandora Bank, Cape Reinga New Zealand MV Kaitawa Westport Portland, Whangarei 2682 Ship sank, 29 crew died[2]
February 12 1983 Chincoteague, Virgina United States Marine Electric Norfolk, Virgina Somerset, Massachussetts 22500 Ship sank, 31 crew died[3]
December 27 1983 Monagahela River, Pennsylvania United States Unnamed barge and tug Morgantown, West Virgina Duquesne Light Co, Pittsburgh 816 Barge sank when valve froze open, refloated[4]
September 8 2000 off Portovesme, Sardinia Italy Eurobulker IV 12700 Ran aground, crew evacuated, sank October 2 [5]
December 22 2001 150 km off the Azores island of Graciosa, Atlantic Ocean Colombia Christopher Puerto Bolivar Redcar, United Kingdom 160000 ship sank with loss of 27 crew.[6]
June 8 2007 Nobbys Beach, Newcastle (Article) Australia Pasha Bulker Newcastle empty at time of accident grounded on beach, salvaged, repaired and renamed MV Drake.[7]
January 15 2008 Taiwan unknown Capsized, eight crew reported killed[8]
April 3 2010 70km off Great Keppel Island, Australia (Article) Australia Shen Neng 1 Gladstone China 65000 ran aground, minor oil spill, repaired and continued on journey[9]
December 1 2010 near Rio Cordoba port Colombia Unknown - two barges Rio Cordoba 3000 Two barges sank[10]
August 3 2011 near Transylvania, Louisiana United States unnamed barge unknown barge sank after breaking free from tug.[11]
August 4 2011 off the coast of Mumbai (Article) India MV Rak Indonesia Mumbai 60000 Sank, oil spill of up to 290 tones of fuel oil.[12]
September 27 2011 Yangtze River, Wuhan City, Hubei Province China unnamed barge 4080 barge sank, salvaged, 11 crew rescued.[13]
January 19 2012 Monongahela River, Pittsburgh. United States ING 5061 unknown barge sank, another damaged and pinned against bridge.[14] [15]
August 16 2012 Sheikhbaria River India MV Marine 7 Mongla Port Kolkata Port 400 Sank[16]
December 4 2012 off the coast of Sile, Istanbul province, Turkey Turkey Volgo-Balt 199, Russia Antalya, Turkey 27 ship sank[17]
December 9 2012 Westshore Terminals Canada Cape Apricot Westshore Terminals unknown Coal ship destroyed 100 metres of coal conveyer system; under control of pilot.[18]
January 13 2013 Puerto Drummond (Article) Colombia unnamed barge Puerto Drummond approx 2,000 tonnes Barge threatened with sinking; company dumped coal overboard.[19]
February 16 2013 off the coast of Pangasinan province Philippines M/V Harita Bauxite Indonesia China ship sank, Reported that 1 crewman dies and 14 were missing.[20]
March 24 2013 Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau, Missouri United States 3 unnamed barges unknown 313 laden coal barges break loose from tug, 3 damaged and partially sunk.[21]
August 19 2013 off Richards Bay (Article) South Africa MV Smart Richards Bay China 127000 Ship sank. Crew rescued.[22]
January 20 2014 Batanghari River, Jambi, Sumatra Indonesia Unnamed barge and tug Barge and tug sank, 2 crew missing.[23]
July 14 2014 Port Rupert, British Columbia (Article) Canada Amakusa Island Port Rupert 80000 Grounded, ripped 2 metre hole in ourter hull, temporary repairs and continued.[24]


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