The grounding of the Paul R. Tregurtha ship in Duluth Harbour, Minnesota, United States

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The grounding of the Paul R. Tregurtha ship in Duluth Harbour, Minnesota, United States occurred shortly at approximately 3:20 pm on September 20, 2014. The ship ran aground in front of the Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth Harbour, Minnesota, United States.[1]

Details of the accident

A spokeswoman for the Duluth Seaway Port Authority, Adele Yorde, said that the ship - which was fully loaded and leaving the port - failed to make the turn towards the Aerial Lift Bridge which shipping passes through. “It was making the turn to go under the lift bridge, but it didn’t turn,” she said. The ship was grounded approximately 50 metres short of the Bayfront Park. Two tugs pulled the ship free at approximately 7 pm.[2]

Following the accident the ship was moved to the Seaway Port Terminal for a damage inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard. At the time of the accident the ship was loaded with 62,000 tonnes of coal.[3]

While one local news source stated that an unnamed witness claimed that the ship ran aground when trying to avoid a smaller craft in the shipping channel[3], the Duluth News Tribune reported that the U.S. Coast Guard said that no information was available on the cause of the accident. The US Coast Guard also stated that there were no injuries or apparent pollution.[2]

Investigation into grounding

The US Coast Guard reported that an inspection of the ship revealed no damage or mechanical problems. Lieutenant Bill Fitzgerald said that an investigation into the accident was "ongoing" and that the results "will not be released until the investigation is complete."[4]

2012 grounding

A little over two years before the grounding in Duluth Harbour the Paul R. Tregurtha had run aground in the St Mary's River near Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan. The ship extensive damage to its hull and a rudder. (See The grounding of the Paul R. Tregurtha ship in St. Marys River, Michigan, United States.)

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