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The Coal Industry Advisory Board was established by the International Energy Agency in 1979 as a forum for high level coal industry executives to influence The IEA states that it has established the Coal Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) -- "a group of high level executives from coal-related industrial enterprises" -- to "provide advice to the IEA on a wide range of issues relating to coal." The IEA states that the board normally comprise 45 members who "are drawn from 20 countries accounting for over 85% of world coal production. Members also represent major electricity producers, together with other coal consuming industries and coal related organisations." The Chairman of CAIB is J. Brett Harvey, the President and Chief Executive Officer, CONSOL Energy Inc, is the CIAB Chairman.[1]

The IEA states that the board "is supporting the IEA in delivering its responses on climate change, clean energy and sustainable development, as well as advising on issues for coal relevant to world energy security."[1]

Members and alternates

The IEA states that the members of the board and their "associates", or alternates, as of April 2012, are:[2]

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