European Union Large Combustion Plant Directive - Coal plants slated for closure

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As a result of restrictions on pollutants introduced under the European Union Large Combustion Plant Directive the owners of a number of coal plants have opted to close the plants rather than upgrade their pollution controls. Under the EU scheme, plants with a capacity of greater than 50 megawatts which 'opt out' can operate for a maximum of 20,000 hours after January 2008 and, at the latest, must be shut down by 2015.

Coal plants in the United Kingdom slated for closure

Coal-fired plants in the UK which have decided to opt out are:[1]

Plant name Rated thermal input (MWth) Number of hours operated since 1 January 2008 Number of operating hours left (as of Jan 1, 2012) Current status
Cockenzie Power Station - LCP 1 - (Units 1&2) 1600 17437 2563 Closed March 15, 2013[2]
Cockenzie Power Station - LCP 2 (Units 3&4) 1600 16359 3641 Closed March 15, 2013[3]
Kingsnorth Power Station 5500 15262 4738 closed December 2012 [4]
Tilbury Power Station LCP2 2000 12561 7439 Converted to biomass in January 2012.[5] The plant was closed on August 13, 2013 after RWE abandoned its proposal to run the plant for another decade on wood.[6]
Tilbury Power Station LCP1 2031 12274 7726
Ferrybridge Power Station (LCP 1) 2724 11674 8326 In March 2013 SSE announced that the 490MW Units 1 & 2 are expected to close "before the end of 2013/14 financial year." Units 3&4 have been retrofitted with Flue-gas Desulphurisation and may operate through to at least the end of 2020.[7]
Didcot A Power Station 5970 11486 8514 Closed in March 2013 after hours limit reached[8][9]
Slough Heat and Power 39 9776 10224
Ironbridge Power Station 1000 8583 11417 EON are converting one 500MW unit at the power station to co-fire on 20% coal and 80% biomass but still close by 2015.[10]
Slough Power Station 15, 16 & waste heat boiler 197 8444 11556 SSE have announced that the two biomass units will be decommissioned by October 2013 and the boiler will be upgraded and provide 20MW. The closure of the two units will reduce power production by 60MW.[7]
Uskmouth Power Station 360 In March 2013 SSE announced that the 120MW Unit 13 would close by April 2013 and that decisions on the operation of the remaining two 120MW units will be made in early 2014.[7]

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