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Incheon Port is a coal handling port in Incheon, a South Korean city bordering the capital of Seoul.


Incheon Port is east of Seoul. Seoul forms the heart of the Seoul Capital Area with the surrounding Incheon metropolis in Gyeonggi province.

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In 2010, Port of Incheon imports included bituminous coal (7.9%), as well as petroleum and other gases (21.4%), sand (15.9%), and refined petroleum products (9.5%).[1] It handled 149 million tons of cargo. The Port imported 127 million tons of cargo, including 10 million tons of coal.[1]

In 2019, the Port handled 157 million tons, including 15.3 million tons of coal.[2]

The South Port Coal Terminal has an unloading capacity of 3.6 million tons per year.[3]

Incheon Coal Pier was built in 1989 to supply coal to metropolitan areas such as Anyang and Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do.[4]

To address environmental complaints, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in 2016 proposed to end coal handling at the South Port Coal Terminal by 2020 and relocate it to the "East Sea Port" (per Google translation). However, the construction of the seemingly related Donghae Port coal pier was delayed or potentially abandoned in 2020, and the closure of the South Port Coal Terminal also appears delayed.[5][4]


Local civic groups have argued that the coal terminal should be closed regardless of whether a new coal pier is established at the Donghae Port or not.[6][7]

Project Details

  • Operator: Incheon Port Authority
  • Location: Incheon, South Korea
  • Annual Coal Capacity (Tonnes): 15.3 million
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Imports
  • Sources of coal: Russia, Australia

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