Loy Yang A Bio Carbon Capture and Storage project

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The Loy Yang A Bio Carbon Capture and Storage project is a proposal to convert flue gases from the Loy Yang A power station to algae and in turn extract oil and animal feed. [1][2]

The company proposing the pilot plant is MBD Energy, an unlisted Australian company which has the major coal company, Anglo American, as a "cornerstone investor"[1][3] Anglo Coal's Global CEO, Seamus French, is a non-executive director of MBD Energy.[1]

(In 2006 The Age reported that it was planned to establish a trial carbon dioxide to biofuels plant at the Hazelwood Power Station. It was reported that the proposal by Energetix, a division of the Victor Smorgon Group, would "cover about 60 metres by 10 metres and will sequester only a small amount of carbon." If the trial went well, the newspaper reported, the expansion of the project to use approximately 1,000 hectares of land "could allow the sequestration of about 5 per cent of Hazelwood's 17 million tonnes of annual carbon dioxide emissions."[4] Energetix is now a part of the Smorgon Group's subsidiary, Biomax Fuels. On its website, the company states that it "has the technology to recycle CO2 emissions to produce biofuels through the photosynthesis process with micro-algae" but does not mention any ongoing trials at the Hazelwood power station.[5])

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