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MBD Energy is an unlisted Australian company which specialises in what it refers to as "Bio Carbon Capture and Storage" technology which aim to commercially convert power station flue gases to algae which in turn yield oil and animal feed.

The major coal company, Anglo American, became a "cornerstone investor"[1] in MBD in 2009 after acquiring more than 20% in the company.[2] Anglo Coal's Global CEO, Seamus French, is a non-executive director of MBD Energy.[1]

MBD Energy has proposed the Loy Yang A Bio Carbon Capture and Storage project located at the Loy Yang A power station. The proposal is for a pilot coal-to-algae project.[1][3]


Board of Directors

  • Robin Batterham, former Rio Tinto executive and Chief Scientist to the Australian government.[4]

Contact details

MBD Energy Limited
456 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne
Victoria 3002
Phone: (61 3) 9415 8711
Email: info AT mbdenergy.com

For media enquiries please contact: Peter Cassuben
MBD Energy Communications Director
Ph: (61 2) 9965 9300
E: peter.cassuben AT mbdenergy.com
Website: http://www.mbdenergy.com

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