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Maxicom Public Relations is a Sydney-based PR firm.[1]


Maxicomm Public Relations clients, as of December 2011, include:

  • Ignite Energy Resources, a small Melbourne-based company which aims to commercialise the conversion of brown coal to oil products.[2]
  • MBD Energy, an unlisted Australian company which specialises in what it refers to as "Bio Carbon Capture and Storage" technology which aim to commercially convert power station flue gases to algae which in turn yield oil and animal feed.


Contact details

Maxicom Public Relations,
Level 2, 425 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest NSW 2065

PO Box 632,
North Sydney
NSW Australia 2059
Phone: (02) 9965 9300
Email: enquiries AT

Articles and resources


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  2. Ignite Energy Resources, "Minister inspects ground breaking coal emissions abatement technology ", Media Release, December 14, 2011.

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