Pogórska-Wola-Tworzen Gas Pipeline

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Pogórska-Wola-Tworzen Gas Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline in Poland.[1]


The pipeline would run from Pogórsk Wola, Poland, to Tworzen, Poland.[2]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner: GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
  • Proposed Capacity:
  • Length: 168 km / 104.4 miles
  • Cost: €300,567,541 (US$358 million)
  • Finance: €145,554,207 grant from the EU's European Regional Development Fund
  • Status: Construction[3]
  • Start Year: 2021


The pipeline is listed as a Project of Common Interest by the European Commission, making it eligible for public funding. It is part of a proposed network in Eastern Europe meant to improve connectivity between Poland, Hungry, and Slovakia. The other pipelines in the network include: Rozwadów Koskowola Wronów Pipeline, Jarosław Rozwadów Pipeline, Hermanowice Jarosław Pipeline, Hermanowice Strachocina Pipeline, Tworóg Tworzen Pipeline, Rembelszczyzna Wronów Pipeline, Strachocina Pogórska Wola Pipeline, Gustorzyn Wronów Pipeline.[1] The network is listed on the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) ten year network development plan as "North - South Gas Corridor in Western Poland" and "TRA-N-245."[4]

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