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Regal Resources is a small Melbourne headquartered company with aims to develop coal-to-liquids projects in Australia.

On its website the company states that it "holds the exclusive world-wide licence rights to develop the Underground Coal to Liquids (UCTLTM) process which aims to convert low rank brown / coal lignite into hydrocarbon and gas products. The process is novel, with two patents pending, and if successful, is highly likely to offer significant advantages over competing coal-to-oil technologies."[1]

Traralgon project

Regal Resources and Greenpower Energy Limited have an agreement to investigate whether there is a sufficient brown coal resource to support an Underground Coal to Liquids project. The project is located near Traralgon;[2]

Contact details

Level 14, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Postal Address:
GPO Box 223
Melbourne, Victoria 3001
Phone: +61 3 8610 8633
Fax: +61 3 8610 8666
Email: info AT Website:

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