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Salaya port is a dry bulk cargo port in Salaya Harbour, Gujarat, India operated by Essar Ports, a subsidiary of Essar Energy. The port is naturally protected by Kalubhar Tapu and Dhani Be islands, with a draft of 14 meters and capacity to receive vessels up to 105,000 DWT.

The port's Salaya Bulk Terminal, which began commercial operations in December 2017[1], was originally scheduled for commissioning in 2015 with a capacity of 20 million tonnes per annum. The terminal is designed to import dry bulk cargo including coal, limestone, fertilisers and bauxite. Included in the terminal is a modern coal handling facility with dust suppression and extraction systems and 7.5 million tonnes of capacity for coal and pet coke[2] to be used at Essar Energy's power plants[3], including the nearby Salaya power plant.

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Project Details

  • Operator: Essar Ports
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 7.5 million (coal), 20 million (total)
  • Status: Operating


In 2010, the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) granted approval for construction of the proposed Salaya port facility and dredging of the channel, and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board added its consent. Marine construction and stockyard civil work began the same year. In 2011, the ship loader/unloader was delivered to the site, and erection of the stacker-cum-reclaimer began.[4] The port project received its final FCA clearance from India's Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change in 2014, and it is due to be commissioned by June 2015.[5]

The Salaya Bulk Terminal was commissioned on a trial basis in 2016 and began commercial operations in December 2017. Plans call for the construction of bridges and rail links to facilitate transport of coal, bauxite, limestone and fertilisers from the Salaya terminal to India's hinterland.[1]

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