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The Santa Cruz de Mara export terminal is in Zulia, Venezuela. It is owned and operated by Carbones del Guasare (CDG). It exports coal from the Paso Diablo Mine, the largest coal mine in Venezuela.

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Coal is trucked approximately 85 kilometres to an export barge loading terminal at Santa Cruz de Mara export terminal. In a profile on mining in Venezuela, the Consulate General of Denmark states that "a floating storage and transfer station, the Bulk Wayuu, is permanently anchored in Lake Maracaibo to provide additional storage capacity and to perform an efficient ship loading operation. Coal is reclaimed from barges on to Bulk Wayuu and subsequently loaded, via a series of conveyors and discharge systems, into ocean-going vessels docked alongside this facility."[1]

As of 2020, shipments of coal from Zulia were moving to Europe through the Santa Cruz de Mara export terminal despite pressure and tension from U.S. government sanctions.[2]

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