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Sonadia Port was a proposed port in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. It would receive imported coal for the proposed Matarbari power station in Maheshkhali Upazila, Cox's Bazar District.

In 2016 the project was cancelled.


Sonadia Port was planned for a small island nine kilometers offshore of the Cox's Bazaar coast in Chittagong.

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The proposed Sonadia Port would receive imported coal for the proposed Matarbari power station, sponsored by Sumitomo Corporation of Japan.[1] Pacific Consultant International (PCI), a Japanese firm, had found Sonadia Island suitable for the construction of a deep-sea port in 2006, but did not consider inclusion of coal, oil, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) jetties in the deep-sea port.[2]

Since at least 2012, the Chinese government has publicly backed the Sonadia project. But Bangladesh decided not to sign a deal with China in 2014 to clinch the deal, opting instead to have further negotiations, reportedly because India and the United States opposed Chinese involvement.[3] In 2015 Bangladesh officials said a new feasibility study would be conducted before construction of a deep sea port.[4]

In January 2015 it was reported that the port may be abandoned, and the proposed Matarbari Port would be extended up to Sonadia, since they are only 25 kilometers apart. Matarbari deep sea port is also proposed for shipping coal to the Matarbari power station.[5]

In September 2015 it was reported that Bangladesh would likely move forward with the proposed Matarbari Port backed by Japan and shelve the US$8 billion Sonadia Port, setting back China President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt One Road” initiative to build a network of ports and expressways in the region. However, Bangladesh officials said no decision had been made yet on Sonadia.[6]

In February of 2016 Bangladesh made the formal announcement that plans for the Sonadia Port had been scrapped.[7]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Sumitomo Corporation
  • Location: Bazar District, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Proposed Coal Capacity (Million tonnes per annum):
  • Status: Cancelled (2016)
  • Projected In Service:
  • Type: Imports
  • Source of Coal:
  • Cost:
  • Financing:

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