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The Wandoan Power Consortium comprises GE Energy and the Stanwell Corporation, a government owned generator which is proposing to build the Wandoan Power Project, a 400 megawatt integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) power station in Queensland which proposes to incorporate "90% carbon (CO2) capture and storage (CCS). In July 2009 GE Energy announced that it had "submitted a full project proposal to the Queensland and Australian federal governments as well as the Australian Coal Association" earlier that year.[1]

The consortium is proposing that coal be supplied by Xstrata Coal.[1]

It is also seeking federal government funding from the Carbon Capture and Storage Flagship Program, which is a part of the Clean Energy Initiative.[2]

In December 2009 the Federal Minister for Resources, Martin Ferguson, announced that the government would spend up to $120 million on pre-feasibility work on four CCS related projects, one of which was the Wandoan project. In a media release Ferguson stated that the project "would have a net generating capacity of 334 mega watts (MWe). It aims to store up to 2.5 mega tonnes of CO2 per annum. It was chosen for further assessment because it is close to both an abundant supply of black coal and a good potential CO2 storage site."[3] The announcement was welcomed by the Wandoan Power Consortium.[4]


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