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Xuzhou Coal Mining Group Company (XMC) is a state-owned company of the Jiangsu Provincial government.[1]


Barapukuria coal mine=

XMC is a part of a consortium the China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC) which has a six year agreement to operate the underground Barapukuria coal mine in Bangladesh. The mine, which is located at Barapuluria in the Dinajpur District, is owned by the Barapukuria Coal Mining Co. Ltd (BCMCL). While initially designed to produce 1 million tonnes a year from a longwall mining operation,"[2] the mine has encountered strong community opposition, dissatisfaction of the workforce with the company and limited production. Approximately 70% of the output from the mine is supplied to the existing Barapukuria Coal Power Plant.[3]

The mine was initially developed and operated under a six year agreement by XMC and CMC. However, ahead of the the August 2011 expiry of the agreement the Barapukuria Coal Mining Company sought expressions of interest from mining companies for the further expansion of the mine. While Peabody expressed interest in the project[4] the sole bidder on the contract was the existing operator, a consortium comprising and CMC. BCMC entered into a new contract for a further six years with the expectation that output from the mine - running at approximately 800,000 tonnes in 2011 - would double the following year.[3]

In its 2011 annual report BCMC stated that in the new contract a target annual production of 5.5 million tonnes of coal a year has been assumed.[5] Part of the output from the proposed expansion would be for the proposed Barapukuria 3rd Unit, a 250 megawatt expansion of the existing Barapukuria Coal Power Plant.

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