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Aurora coal terminal is a proposed coal-handling port in East Russia. The terminal would be located in Bezymyannaya Bay in Primorsky Krai, Russia.


The map below shows the proposed location of the Aurora coal terminal in Bezymyannaya Bay.

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The Aurora coal terminal has been proposed by Russian coal mining company Coalstar. The terminal would have an annual coal-handling capacity of 25 million tonnes, along with 10 million tonnes of capacity for exporting oil.[1] The project's cost was estimated at 57.8 billion rubles (approximately US$1 billion), and in December 2019 the terminal was planned for operation by 2023. Experts believed that the project's estimates for cost and cargo base were optimistic, and that the endeavour would struggle to be profitable.[2]

Along with the Aurora coal terminal, Coalstar also plans to develop the Coalstar Marine Terminal.[3][4] It appears that different sources sometimes confuse the two proposed terminals. However several sources clarified that the Aurora terminal is to be located in Port of Vladivostork (Bezymyannaya Bay) while Coalstar Marine Terminal is to be located in Port Vostochny with a capacity of 17 million tonnes per annum.[5][6]

It appears that both proposed terminals intend to tranship coal from the Bogatyr Coal Mine as well as from the Mayrykhsky coal mine and Beisky-Zapadniy coal mine.

In August 2021, local activists concerned about the environmental side of the issue collected more than 1,000 signatures and sent appeals to the president, his plenipotentiary and the regional prosecutor's office in order to prevent construction on the facility. Residents stated that the plot of land was a protected natural area, and that building fossil fuel infrastructure there would be illegal.[7] In September 2021, after verifying complaints from local residents, the Prosecutor's Office of the Primorsky Territory issued a legal challenge over the land lease for the Aurora coal terminal.[8]

As of November 2022, the construction of seaport was set for completion in 2030.[9][10] As of June 2023, the project was yet to begin construction. However the Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako referred to the project as the leading investment project that will contribute to the re-orientation of the Russian economy to the East.[11]

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