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Coalstar Marine Terminal is a proposed coal-handling port in Russia.

The terminal would be located in Wrangel Bay, along with Vostochny Port, Maly Port, the East Ural coal terminal, and the Vostochnaya coal terminal (which stopped handling coal in September 2021).


The map below shows the proposed location of the Coalstar Marine Terminal in Wrangel Bay. Maly Port can be seen directly across the channel to the west of the proposed site.

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The Coalstar Marine Terminal has been proposed by Russian coal mining company Coalstar.[1] Coalstar Marine Terminal LLC is developing the project.

Along with the Coalstar Marine Terminal, Coalstar also plans to develop the Aurora coal terminal, which would have an annual coal-handling capacity of 25 million tonnes. It appears that different sources sometimes confuse the two proposed terminals. However several sources from 2021 and 2023 clarified that this terminal is located in Port Vostochny with a capacity of 17 million tonnes per annum.[2][3]

It appears that both the Coalstar Marine Terminal and the Aurora coal terminal intend to tranship coal from the Bogatyr Coal Mine as well as from the Mayrykhsky coal mine and Beisky-Zapadniy coal mine.[4]

As of late 2021, construction of the terminal was not expected to start before 2025 with target completion by the end of 2030.[5]

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