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Vostochny Port is located in Primorsky region in the Nakhodka Gulf (Vrangel Bay), by the Sea of Japan in Eastern Russia. It has two dedicated coal terminals and is the largest coal handling port in Russia.

The port is increasing its annual throughput capacity for coal from 18 to 32.5 million tonnes. The expansion is under construction and planned for completion in 2019-2020.[1]

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The port consists of two terminals: Coal Handling Terminal and Universal Handling Terminal. Coal Handling Terminal has a capacity rated at 14.2 million tonnes per year. Nearly 12 million tonnes of coal were handled at the Coal Handling Terminal from January through October 2012, an increase of 4.7% over the same period in 2011. Universal Handling Terminal has a capacity of 3 million tonnes per year. In 2012, tonnage exported via Vostochny Port was split between Japan (31%), Korea (30%) and China (27%), with smaller quantities going to Taiwan (8%), India (2%) and the Netherlands (2%).[2]

Russian coal miner SUEK AG exported 3 million tonnes of coal out of the port in 2013, to Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.[3]

According to the forecasts of Managing Port Co. LLC, the port capacity is to reach 24.5 million million tonnes of coal by 2017, 28.5 million mt by 2019, and 32.5 by 2020.[2]

Project Details

  • Operator: Vostochny Port JSC
  • Location: Primorsky region, Eastern Russia
  • Existing Capacity (Million tonnes per annum): 18
  • Additional Proposed Capacity (mtpa): 14.5
  • Status of expansion: Construction (planned for completion in stages from 2017-2020)
  • Type: Exports (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Netherlands)
  • Source of Coal:
  • Cost of expansion:
  • Financing for expansion:

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