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Vostochny Port is located in Wrangel Bay in Primorsky Krai, East Russia. At this location, Vostochny Port JSC operates two dedicated coal terminals. In 2019, the port completed an expansion which brought its total coal-handling capacity up to 55 million tonnes per year.[1]

In addition to the Vostochny Port JSC terminals, there are two smaller coal-handling facilities operating at Wrangel Bay: Maly Port and the East Ural coal terminal. The Vostochnaya coal terminal, also at Wrangel Bay, stopped handling coal in September 2021. This set of terminals is sometimes collectively referred to as Vostochny Port.


The map below shows the location of the Vostochny Port in Russia. The pin shows the location of the original Coal Handling Terminal, and the stage 3 expansion can be seen directly to the north.

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The port consists of two terminals: Coal Handling Terminal and Universal Handling Terminal. Coal Handling Terminal has a capacity rated at 14.2 million tonnes per year. Universal Handling Terminal has a capacity of 3 million tonnes per year. In 2012, tonnage exported via Vostochny Port was split between Japan (31%), Korea (30%) and China (27%), with smaller quantities going to Taiwan (8%), India (2%) and the Netherlands (2%).[2]

The export arm of SUEK exported 3 million tonnes of coal out of the port in 2013, to Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.[3]

Coal volumes handled at the port increased steadily in 2010-2020, rising from 14.7 million tonnes to 26.9 million tonnes over the span of the decade.[4] In 2020, Vostochny Port was responsible for 25% of all Russian coal exports.[5]

As of 2020, the only shareholder of Port Vostochny was a Cypriot company Starlion Limited.[6] The company's ultimate controlling shareholder was said to be Kuzbassrazrezugol which in turn is owned by Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.[6][7]

Port Expansion - Stage 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to expand Russia's port capacities in 2012. In fall of that year, Vostochny Port JSC decided to launch a large-scale investment project for the construction of the third stage of a specialized coal complex of Vostochny Port JSC at its own expense.[8][5]

According to a 2014 forecast by Managing Port Co. LLC, the port capacity was to reach 24.5 million tonnes of coal by 2017, 28.5 mt by 2019, and 32.5 mt by 2020.[2]

In 2019, Vostochny Port JSC completed construction of Stage 3 of the Specialized Coal Handling Terminal. The expansion brought the terminal's capacity up to 55 million tonnes per year, with a total investment of 40 billion rubles (approximately US$600 million).[1][9]

In December 2022, along with the completion of the 1st stage of construction of a new berth at the terminal, the port's capacity increased to 58 million tonnes per year.[10] However in 2022 the port handled 25.6 million tonnes (2.4% more than in 2021).[11]

Project Details

  • Owner: Vostochny Port JSC
  • Parent: Kuzbassrazrezugol JSC
  • Location: Primorsky region, Eastern Russia
  • Existing Capacity (Million tonnes per annum): 58
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Exports (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, other Asia-Pacific, India, Netherlands)[5]
  • Source of Coal: Kuzbass, Yakutia, Khakassia[1]
  • Cost of expansion: 40 billion rubles (approximately US$600 million)[1]
  • Financing for expansion:

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