Wrangel Bay (Coal Exports)

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Wrangel Bay is one of Russia's largest hubs for exporting coal to the Asia Pacific Region.

The facilities at Wrangel Bay are sometimes referred to collectively as "Vostochny Port," although Vostochny Port is the name of a specific stevedoring company, which operates two coal terminals in the area. Wrangel Bay is approximately 15 km southeast of the Port of Nakhodka, another major Russian coal export hub.

The two terminals operated by Vostochny Port JSC are by the far the largest at Wrangel Bay, with a combined capacity of 55 million tonnes. The other major terminals at Wrangel Bay are the Maly Port, and the East Ural coal terminal. The Vostochnaya coal terminal ceased coal-handling operations in September 2021.

In 2020, the coal terminals at Wrangel Bay together exported approximately 37 million tonnes of coal.

The Colestar Marine Terminal has also been proposed at Wrangel Bay.


The map below shows the locations of the coal terminals around Wrangel Bay.

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