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Belarus does not produce coal and is a minor consumer, ranked in 78th in the world.[1]

Coal Resources

In 1998, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe estimated that Belarus held 151 million tonnes of coal reserves (all in lignite).[2]

According to the state programme on environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources for 2016‑20, Belarus had 150 million tonnes of coal with 98.2 Mt of "future potential."[3]

Resource Details

Category Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year
BGR Estimate Reserves 0[4] million tonnes 2019
BGR Estimate Resources 1,500[4] million tonnes 2019
Geological Survey Reserves 150[3] million tonnes 2020
Geological Survey Resources - million tonnes
Commercial Reserves Reserves million tonnes
Commercial Resources Resources million tonnes

Coal Production

In 2019, Belarus produced 0 million tonnes of coal per year.

Coal Consumption

Belarus consumes 681,228 short tonnes and ranks 78th in the world for coal consumption, accounting for about 0.1% of the world's total consumption in 2016.[5]


Belarus imports 109% of its coal consumption (740,928 short tons in 2016).<ref name=WM>

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