Corporate market share of global coal export trade

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On a global level, while the export coal market is growing rapidly the market share for individual companies is comparatively small compared to other mineral commodities. However, in the major exporting countries of Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia the market shares of major companies is much more substantial.

Global market shares

A November 2007 presentation to investment analysts by the President of BHP Billiton Coal, Dave Murray, detailed the 2006 corporate market share of the global coal export trade. In one of his slides at the presentation Murray identified the industry globally as being "fragmented" and listed the corporate breakdown as being[1]:

Murray also outlined the key corporate export market shares from the major exporting countries of Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia.[1]

Colombian Exporters

  • Drummond 47%
  • Anglo American 16%
  • BHP Billiton 16%
  • Xstrata 16%
  • Other 5%

South African Exporters

  • Anglo American 34%
  • BHP-Billiton 31%
  • Xstrata 20%
  • Other 14%

Indonesian Exporters

  • Bumi Resources 28%
  • Banpu 23%
  • Adaro Indonesia 18%
  • Other 31%

Australian Exporters

  • Xstrata 24%
  • Rio 18%
  • BHP Billiton 14%
  • Peabody 5%
  • Anglo American 4%
  • Other 35%

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