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China Baowu Steel Group Corp., Ltd., commonly known as Baowu, is a state-owned iron and steel company headquartered in the Baosteel Tower in Pudong, Shanghai, China.[1] The company was formed by Baosteel Group absorbing its smaller state-owned peer, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation in 2016.[2]

Baowu is the second largest steel producer in the world measured by crude steel output after ArcelorMittal, with an annual output of around 67 million tons.[3] China's total steel production in 2018 was 928.3 million tons.[3]


Baoshan Iron and Steel

Beginning in 1978, the Chinese government began to institute economic reforms and called for a large integrated steel production facility to be located near the port of Shanghai.[4] Baoshan Iron and Steel, a predecessor of Baosteel, was founded in the Baoshan District of Shanghai in 1978.[5]

Baosteel Group

Baoshan Iron and Steel received government contracts to absorb Shanghai Metallurgical (上海冶金控股集团公司) and Shanghai Meishan Group (上海梅山集团公司) to form the Baosteel Group and become China's largest steel maker.[5]

Baowu Steel Group

In 2016, Baosteel and another state-owned steel maker, Wuhan Iron and Steel merged to form the Baowu Steel Group.[2] Baoshan Iron and Steel Company Limited, the listed portion of Baosteel Group tookover Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Limited in an all-share deal, making Wuhan Iron and Steel a wholly owned subsidiary of the Baosteel Group.[6][7]

See history of China Baowu Steel since 2016.


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Equity investments

Baosteel Group was a minority owner of Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited for 0.65% (as at 30 June 2010).[8] Excluding the investment held by the listed subsidiary Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baosteel Group owned 0.88% stake (via Hwabao Investment) in PetroChina Pipelines, the company that runs West–East Gas Pipeline.[9]

Baosteel Group, as at 31 December 2015, still owned 15.11% stake in New China Life Insurance, a listed company in both Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchange,[10] as well as China Bohai Bank for 11.67% stake,[11] China Pacific Insurance for 14.17% stake.[12]


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