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Conneq Industrial Infrastructure, which is a part of the Lend Lease group, is "a major end-to-end provider in power. From the design and construction of new power stations, through base-load power station operation and maintenance activities, to transmission, distribution and end-user reticulation, Conneq teams can typically be found servicing the power industry in every Australian state."[1]

Coal-fired power station interests

On its website Conneq states that it "manages operations and maintenance of the fly ash handling and disposal system" at Macquarie Generation's Bayswater Power Station, New South Wales. The company states that it "is responsible for the plant and equipment which removes fly ash from the station fabric filter plant and pneumatically conveys the material to an adjacent dense phase slurry plant. Conneq is also responsible for the survey, repair and maintenance of the station’s pulverised fuel milling plant." Conneq states that it has been operating at the power station since 1997.[2]


Contact details

Sydney Corporate Office
Level 1, Building 0
Binary Centre
3 Richardson Place
PO Box 147
North Ryde BC NSW 1670
Telephone +61 2 8667 6000
Facsimile +61 2 8667 6199
Email enquiries AT

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