Kwinana Bulk Terminal

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Kwinana Bulk Terminal is used for handling various items including liquified petroleum gas and iron ore in Fremantle, Western Australia.

The terminal is owned and operated by Fremantle Ports.[1]

For a seven-year period starting in 2007, the Kwinana terminal handled exports of coal mined by Griffin Coal, but these exports were conclusively halted in December 2014 due to persistent financial problems at Lanco, Griffin Coal's parent company.[2]


The terminal is located approximately 30km south of Fremantle, Western Australia.

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Project Details of coal handling

  • Owner: Fremantle Ports
  • Location: Port of Fremantle, Western Australia
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 0.75 million
  • Status: Retired (2014)
  • Start year: 2007
  • Type: Exports
  • Coal source:

Coal exports

In January 2007 Griffin Coal began exporting coal through the Kwinana Bulk Terminal. In May 2011 Fremantle Ports announced that it was "concluding negotiations with Griffin Coal to enable the export of 750,000 tonnes of coal annually over four years" through the terminal. "The new arrangement with Griffin Coal will cover the transition period until planned new facilities for handling coal are developed at Bunbury or elsewhere," a media release from Fremantle Ports stated.[3]

In May 2012 Fremantle Ports warned Lanco that unless it paid outstanding debts it wold be blocked from exporting coal. "We have written to Lanco to advise them that Fremantle Port expects them to meet the commercial conditions under their contract," a spokeswoman for Fremantle Ports told The West Australian. The newspaper reported that it believed the outstanding amount was $8.5 million which debt "incurred as part of work commissioned on Lanco's behalf by Fremantle Port that allows Lanco to export more than a million tonnes of coal through Kwinana."[4] The Wall Street Journal reported that Lanco had agreements to export "around 750,000 metric tons of coal a year" through Fremantle Port's Kwinana Bulk Terminal.[5] Several days after the warning Lloyds List reported that Fremantle Ports’ manager for external affairs Ainslie de Vos stated that "arrangements have been made between the parties for payment of all outstanding monies."[6]

In December 2014, again citing unpaid debts owed by Lanco, Fremantle Ports announced that a termination notice had been issued to Griffin Coal, effectively halting coal exports from Kwinana and leaving a 30,000-tonne stockpile of coal stranded at the terminal. A spokesman for Griffin Coal confirmed that its export agreement for use of the Kwinana terminal had been terminated.[2]

Kwinana Bulk Berth 2 of Kwinana Bulk Terminal still facilitate ships unloading bulk products, such as coal and nut coke.[7][8]

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