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Meizhouwan Port (also known as Meizhou Bay Port) is in Fujian province, the People's Republic of China.

The port is the site of a coal port and distribution center that is under development. It consists of five port areas, Xinghua, Dongwu, Xiuyu, Xiaocuo, and Douwei.[1]


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The State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC) is building a coal terminal at Meizhouwan port, with a planned ultimate capacity of 80 million tonnes per annum (mtpa). Phase I would be 15 mtpa, phase II 25 mtpa, and phase III 40 mtpa. Construction was reported to be "in full swing" in April 2012.[2] In 2012, the Meizhouwan port was merged with the Quanwan and Putian ports. According to Wikipedia, it had a total cargo throughput of 114 million tonnes in 2012.[3]

The first phase of 15 mtpa capacity was completed in 2014. Phases II and III were reported as under construction in 2014. It is predicted the port would ship 2 million tonnes of coal to Taiwan by 2020, and supply coal to coastal provinces including Fujian, Jiangxi, and Guangzhou.[4] The third phase was meant to be completed in 2015.[5] There is no information on the progress of the second phase, however.

In early 2021, the Fujian provincial government released the "Fujian Province Coastal Port Layout Plan (2020-2035)," which proposed building large-scale coal terminals in Fuzhou Port and Meizhou Bay Port. The Fujian provincial government wants to build four hundred million tons of large ports on the coast, and by 2035, they want the province's total coastal port throughput to reach 880 million tons.[6] However, there were no specifics on how much capacity would be added to Meizhouwan Port, or any other details.

There is a nearby coal plant, the Meizhouwan Power Station, which likely receives coal from this terminal and is also run by SDIC.

Project Details

  • Operator: SDIC
  • Location: Fujian province, China
  • Coal Capacity (Tonnes per year): 15 million
  • Proposed Capacity (Tonnes per year): 65 million
  • Status: Construction (Phase I completed in 2014, Phases II and III under construction, likely completed)
  • Type: Imports/Exports
  • Coal source:
  • Project cost: 7.8 billion yuan (US$1.19 billion)
  • Financing:

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