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The Port of Amsterdam is the second largest importer of coal in the Netherlands. In 2021, the port's website listed three coal handling companies:[1]

(1) OBA Bulk Terminal;
(2) Rietlanden Terminals B.V. – taken over by JERA Global Markets[2] in 2017 – has two terminals in Amsterdam: the Afrikahaven Terminal and the Amerikahaven/Aziëhaven Terminal;[3]
(3) Trans-Saar B.V. (agents and shipbrokers).[4]


The Port of Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam in North Holland, Netherlands, on the bank of a former bay named the IJ and the North Sea Canal.

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Coal handling

The Port of Amsterdam is the second largest importer of coal in the Netherlands, after the Port of Rotterdam. The port of Amsterdam has seen its coal volumes drop significantly since 2014, when it handled 23 million tonnes.[5] The decline between 2019 and 2020 was especially large.[6] The throughput of coal in Amsterdam was 15.6 million tonnes in 2019, and 7.4 million tonnes in 2020.[7]

In 2021, Montel News reported that coal import terminals at Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp were taking steps to weather the terminal decline in Europe’s coal consumption, turning instead to agricultural and alternative mineral commodities.[8]

The Port of Amsterdam has committed to ending all coal transshipment at its facilities by 2030.[9]



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