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The Port of Mejillones is a port located in Mejillones, Antofagasta, Chile.

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In April 2008, Terminal Graneles del Norte won a concession to build and operate the new coal port in Mejillones.[1] As of 2021, there are four terminal areas which make up the port which are spread along the natural bay shoreline- three of which handle coal, chemical products, ammonia, and explosives while the fourth is reserved for LNG.[2] The port is part of the tropical load line zone.[2]

According to 2020 data from Ember, the coal terminal at the Mejillones port imported 2.2 megatonnes of coal from Cienaga (Colombia), Brisbane (Australia), Puerto Bolivar (Colombia), Newcastle (Australia), and Santa Marta (Colombia).[3] Since 2017, Cienaga (Colombia) has consistently been the largest source of thermal coal imports for the Mejillones Port.[3]

Coal moved through the port goes directly to Mejillones Power Station and the Angamos Power Station as well as other sites in northern Chile. As coal is phased out in Chile, the imports moving through Mejillones coal terminal will be directly affected, specifically the Angamos 1 and 2 that are available for decommissioning in January 2025.[4] The port is located in a Sacrifice Zone and will likely be an important area of concern as Chile looks to examine the environmental and health costs to Mejillones.[5]

Load Transfer at the Mejillones Port Complex 2004-2020, Source: Mejillones

Project Details

  • Operator: Complejo Portuario Mejillones
  • Location: Mejillones, Antofagasta, Chile
  • Annual Coal Capacity (Tonnes):
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Imports
  • Coal source: Colombia, Australia

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