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Severstal is one of Russia’s largest producers of iron ore and coking coal. The company has two iron ore mining complexes, Karelsky Okatysh and Olcon, a coking coal complex Vorkutaugol, a mine design institute SPb-Giproshakht in Russia, a coking coal complex PBS Coals in the US, and a number of greenfield projects outside of Russia.[1]

In 2014, in Vorkutaugol it mined 11.4 million tons of coal and had 297 million tons of coal reserves.[2] It operates the following coal mines:


  • CEP Pechorskaya, a complex that processes over 7 million tons of coal into concentrate for steelmaking.

According to the Carbon Tracker report, "Unburnable Carbon - Are the world's financial markets carrying a carbon bubble?", Severstal has more estimated carbon reserves than any other company on the globe, estimated at 141.6 Gt of CO2.[3]

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