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Usibelli Coal Mine Inc’ is a coal company headquartered in Healy, Alaska.[1]

The company produced 1 million tonnes of coal in 2020.[2]


Usibelli Coal Mine inc., a family business run by the Usibelli Family operates and owns the Usibelli Coal Mine. Both the mine and the company are headquartered in Healy, Alaska. The coal extracted from UCM's sites is supplied to six Alaska power plants and is exported to South Korea, Japan and Chile. The company uses the Seward Coal Terminal for its exports. [3].

In late July 2012 the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Mining questioned Usibelli Coal Mine Inc.’s permit to conduct coal mining at Wishbone Hill and requested more information from the Department of Natural Resources. In a letter the agency stated that there was trouble with Usibelli’s permit to mine because its permits for surface coal mining operations were issued for a term of five years, but the permit is terminated if the permittee does not begin surface coal mining operations within three years after the permit is issued.[4]

The company website stated in 2015 that at the current production rates, they expected to mine in excess of 50 more years.[3]

In 2020, UCM employed 102 workers, and produced 1 million tons.

Coal Resources

Resource Details

Category Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year
Commercial Reserves Total Reserves (Proven and Probable) 700 million tonnes 2015
Commercial Resources Total Resources million tonnes

Coal Production

Coal Exports

Revenue and Profits



Gross Profit:



Gross Profit:


Company Website: Usibelli Coal Mine


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