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The EMO Terminal is a coal-handling terminal located at the Maasvlakte, part of the Port of Rotterdam. The EMO Terminal is the largest coal terminal at the Port of Rotterdam, which in turn is the largest handler of coal imports in Europe.


The map below shows the location of the EMO Terminal at the Port of Rotterdam. Vessels can be loaded at the west or south edges of the storage yard.[1]

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EMO on the Maasvlakte is one of the largest dry bulk terminals in Europe with an annual capacity of 60 million tonnes. It is owned by HES.[2]. The terminal was commissioned in 1974, with several major expansions completed since. The terminal's cargo handling peaked in 2008 at 37 million tonnes. Along with power stations in the Dutch and German hinterland, the EMO terminal provides coal directly for two power stations at the Port of Rotterdam, one owned by Riverstone Holdings, located directly to the east of the EMO Terminal, and one owned by Uniper, located just north of the terminal.[3]

The EMO Terminal and the smaller EECV Terminal provide the majority of the Port of Rotterdam's coal-handling capacity. 17.3 million tonnes of coal were handled in the port of Rotterdam in 2020, a 44% decline from the 30.7 million tonnes handled in 2015. Of all the coal that enters the port, around 10% remains in the Netherlands, where it is fired in power plants. The remaining 90% is destined for Germany. Some 60% of this coal is used by German steel industry; the other 40% is fired in the country’s power plants.[4]

In 2017, the Rotterdam City Council passed a nonbinding resolution to ban coal throughput at the Port of Rotterdam. However, The original contract between EMO and the Port gave EMO the option to unilaterally extend its lease. In 2018, EMO extended its lease at the port for another 25 years.[5]

During the first two months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the port imported 388,000 tonnes of coal from Russia, according to a report by CREA.[6]

Project Details

  • Operator: EMO
  • Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 60 million
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Mainly coal imports
  • Sources of coal:



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