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Template:Multiple issues Template:Infobox company JSW Steel Ltd. (Template:BSE, Template:NSE) is an Indian steel making company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of JSW Group. It is one of the fastest growing companies in India with a footprint in over 140 countries. JSW Steel is an Indian steel company owned by the JSW Group based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.[1] JSW Steel, after merger of ISPAT steel, has become India's second largest private sector steel company. The current installed capacity is 18 MTPA.[2] A $13 billion conglomerate, with presence across India, USA, South America & Africa, the JSW Group is a part of the O.P. Jindal Group with strong footprints across core economic sectors, namely, Steel, Energy, Infrastructure, Cement, Ventures and Sports.[3] JSW's history can be traced back to 1982, when the Jindal Group acquired Piramal Steel Limited, which operated a mini steel mill at Tarapur in Maharashtra and renamed it as Jindal Iron and Steel Company (JISCO).[4]

The Group set up its first steel plant in 1982 at Vasind near Mumbai. Soon after, it acquired Piramal Steel Ltd., which operated a mini steel mill at Tarapur in Maharashtra. The Jindals, who had wide experience in the steel industry, renamed it as Jindal Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. (JISCO). Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd. (JVSL) was set up in 1994, with its plant located at Toranagallu in the Bellary-Hospet area of Karnataka and External Areas of Andra Pradesh, the heart of the high-grade iron ore belt and spread over Template:Convert of land. It is just Template:Convert from Bangalore, and is well connected with both the Goa and Chennai Port. In 2005, JISCO and JVSL merged to form JSW Steel Ltd.

JSW Steel has also formed a joint venture for steel plant in Georgia. The Company has also tied up with JFE Steel Corp, Japan for manufacturing the high grade automotive steel. The Company has also acquired mining assets in Republic of Chile, United States and Mozambique.


In 1994, Jindal Vijayanagar Steel (JVSL) was set up with its plant located at Toranagallu in the Bellary-Hospet area in the State of Karnataka, the heart of the high-grade iron ore belt and spread over Template:Convert of land.[5] over a decade. It also set up a plant at Salem with an annual capacity of 1 million tonne. It is on the threshold of a major expansion plan of adding 3.2 million tons per annum to its at Vijayanagar Plant to achieve 11 MTPA by 2011. It has established a strong presence in the global value-added steel segment with the acquisition of a steel mill in US and a Service Center in United Kingdom. JSW Steel has also formed a joint venture for setting up a steel plant in Georgia. The Company has further acquired iron ore mines in Chile and coal mines in USA & Mozambique.The current manufacturing capacity of company is 18 MTPA. [6] In Aug 2014, it acquired Welspun Maxsteel Ltd in a deal valued at around 1,000 Crores.[7] JSW has already acquired 3 MTPA Hot Rolling Plant in Dolvi Maharashtra (earlier named Ispat Industries Ltd.).

See history of JSW Steel since 1982.


Vijayanagar Works

India’s first 12 MTPA steel plant at single location, “the fastest growing steel plant in India”. The JSW Steel Vijayanagar plant is the first integrated steel plant to reach 12 MTPA capacity in a single location. It is the first in India to use the Corex technology for hot metal production. Now other steel plants are coping the same.

The first hot strip mill at Vijayanagar was commissioned in 1997. Since then it has grown exponentially and now has an installed capacity to produce 12 MTPA of steel. Located at a remote village Toranagallu part of under developed North Karnataka in the Bellary-Hospet iron ore belt of Karnataka, the fully integrated steel plant, is well-connected with both the Goa, Krishnapatnam, Mangalore and Chennai ports.Template:Citation needed

Unique features:

  • Regarded as the world’s Corex showpieceTemplate:Citation needed; it was the first Greenfield project in India and among the first in the world to have successfully used this technology to produce “green steel”
  • Houses India’s largest blast furnace and the widest hot strip mill
  • The only plant in India with pair-cross technology and twin-stand reversible cold-rolling mill
  • The highest productivity steel plant in India, producing 800-plus tonnes per person per annum
  • Recognized for its ‘zero-effluent discharge’ status; it reuses more than 95 per cent of process waste
  • Low carbon footprint as it recycles 96% of coke oven gas for power generation
  • Uses sophisticated ambient air control infrastructure beyond and has reduced gas flaring to lower levels.

Salem Works

Salem Works in JSW Website JSW acquired SISCOL in the year 2004, a sick unit at that time. Quick turnaround of the plant was achieved by expanding capacity from 0.3 Mt to 1 Mt and switching over to value added products.

Unique features: The largest special steel plant in India with 1 MTPA Capacity The leading virgin special steel producerProduces more than 850 special grades of steel Provides a wide range of sizes and grades all under one roof Utilizes a 8 Stand H/V Mill for superior size reduction Uses the Kocks block technology for providing ¼ DIN standard It also has a phased array technology that detects internal defects Successfully achieves zero-waste dischargeAchieves a 100% waste utilization More than 70% of captive power generation is done through waste heat One of the few plants to use Energy Optimizing Furnace (EOF) for special steel production

  • Complete product range
  • Rounds: 5.5 to 180 mm
  • RCS: 55 to 265 mm
  • Flats: 60 to 101 series
  • DSIR Approved R&D Centre with sophisticated modern equipments.
  • Online Automatic inspection and testing facilities for Rounds and RCS up to 160 
  • High precision rolling Reducing and Sizing block in Bar and rod mill

Dolvi Works

The 5 MTPA integrated steel plant at Dolvi, Maharashtra majority stake acquired in 2010, is an inherent part of JSW Steel. This is Indian's first and only operating CONARC Technology plant. Located on the west coast of India, the plant has a jetty with a capacity of 10 million tonnes per annum. This provides the unit with logistical advantages in importing raw materials and savings on freight cost. The unit is connected through rail, road and sea and has given the JSW Steel a strategic presence in western India.

The Dolvi plant caters to several industries including automotive, projects and construction, machinery, LPG cylinder-makers, cold rollers, oil and gas sector and consumer durables.

Unique features:

  • The Dolvi plant is the first in India to adopt a combination of Conarc technology for steel making and compact strip production (CSP) for producing hot rolled coils. * The main feature of CSP is thin slab casting.
  • It can produce coils with thickness as low as 1.0  mm.
  • HR coils produced at Dolvi are feed material for the two JSW Steel cold rolling and downstream facilities at Vasind and Tarapur.

Vasind Works

The Vasind plant focuses on JSW- branded high-end steel products. It sources HR Steel coils from the Dolvi and Vijayanagar plants to manufacture value-added, branded steel products such as galvanised steel, plain and corrugated products as well as color-coated products.

The journey that started in 1982 with the commissioning of a 20 high cold rolling mill has turned into a full-fledged complex with cold rolling, hot rolling, galvanizing and colour coating facilities. Galvanized steel from Vasind is a market leader in both domestic and international markets. The unit exports mainly to the US, Europe and Middle East Asia and South African Continent.

The plant has a total capacity of 0.45 MTPA in galvanized and cold-rolled products, 0.225 MTPA color coated products and hot-rolled plates manufacturing facility.

Unique features:

  • Part of India’s largest coated product producer and exporter of galvanized steel.
  • Manufacturer of appliance grade color coated products, a revolutionary product in the Indian steel industry which will replace imported steel in the manufacture of white goods in India.
  • It has one of the plant that acquired in JSW.
  • Turn Around Delivery Time within three weeks of demand.

Tarapur Works

The Tarapur plant marks one of the first milestones for JSW Steel. This plant was originally inaugurated on 11 May 1974 by Hon. Vasant Rao Naik, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The plant was acquired by Late Shri O. P. Jindal on 9 November 1982, from Piramal Steel Limited and renamed Jindal Iron and Steel Company. The plant offers coated products catering to several sectors. Tarapur plant specializes in galvanizing, Galvalume and color coated steels. It is India’s largest producer and exporter of Coated Products.

The Tarapur plant has five cold rolling mills and three coated strip divisions, which include two dual pot galvanizing cum galvalume lines, two color coated line.

It has a total capacity of 0.75 MTPA (including ongoing projects) and sources coils from the Vijayanagar and Dolvi plants to manufacture value-added branded steel products.


  • The Tarapur plant is specialized for the Ultra Thin Coated Products.
  • The Tarapur plant features two dual product lines for galvanized cum Galvalume with a coating capacity of 0.45 MTPA.
  • Tarapur has a zero discharge facility having a multi-effect evaporator system for effluent treatment.
  • It has a unique service center facility to meet the customized requirement of various segment like Export, OEM, Retail for their cut sheet/ corrugation and profiling requirement
  • It has also installed rainwater harvesting system to meet its water requirement.
  • The plant is right under commissioning a 2,50,000 MT Tinplate line with a Continuous annealing line.

Kalmeshwar Works

  • One of the downstream operations of JSW Steel is executed from Kalmeshwar.
  • The Kalmeshwar plant has a picking line, three rolling mills, two galvanised lines, two colour coating lines, a galvalume line, 6 slitting and seven cut to length lines, two profiling lines and a tile profiling line.
  • It was earlier ISPAT industries.


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