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Krishnapatnam Port is a deep water port near Nellore in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the largest private port on India's east coast, and one of only three ports in India equipped to receive capesize vessels (the other two are Mundra Port and Gangavaram Port).[1][2]

The port has an installed cargo handling capacity of 70 million tonnes, with coal accounting for the vast majority of imports.[3] Port operator Krishnapatnam Port Company (KPCL) has plans to expand the port's annual capacity to as much as 200 million tonnes per annum, including increased coal handling capacity.[4][5][6]

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A 2012 Coal Age report on Indian coal terminals states that "With a vessel draft of 18.5 m, Krishnapatnam is one of the deepest ports of India. Coal is by far the greatest import cargo, while iron ore is the greatest export cargo. However, the ban on iron ore mining at the Obulapuram mine has cut exports significantly, resulting in a 40% loss in revenue."[7]

In 2013, coal imports into the port reached 19.75 million tonnes.[8]

According to the Economic Times of India (2014), "Dozens of power companies, both public and private, are currently building coal-fired electricity generating units in and around Krishnapatnam, involving at least 14,000MW of capacities, which propose importing at least 30% of their coal requirement."[8] Several new coal-fired power projects in the port's vicinity are listed on KPCL's website, including those operated by Simhapuri Energy, APGENCO, Meenakshi Energy, Thermal Powertech Corporation, NCC, Kineta Power and Krishnapatnam Power.[9]

On its website (2015), Krishnapatnam Port Company projects that new power projects scheduled for completion by 2017 will require over 40 million tonnes of coal annually, in addition to the 38 million required by existing coal, cement and steel plants that source coal from Australia, Indonesia and Mozambique through the port.[9]

In September 2015 Krishnapatnam Port invested Rs.780 crore for installing a direct coal conveyor system to speed up movement of the fuel. On completion, it would have the capacity to discharge 20 million tonnes of coal.[10]

Coal continues to be the main commodity handled at Krishnapatnam Port, representing 70% to 75% of the port's business. Out of 35 million tonnes that KPCL expected to handle in 2014-15, around three-fourths was coal[11], and Krishnapatnam Port Managing Director Chinta Sasidhar told the Financial Express in July 2017 that coal constituted 70% of the port's cargo volume.[3]

As described on Krishnapatnam Port's website, the port's Rs 4000 crore Phase II expansion includes 10 dedicated coal berths with 2 ship unloaders per berth, each with a capacity of 2,000 TPH; a conveyor system with a capacity up to 4,000 / 5,000 TPH; and 2 wagon loading stations, each having a capacity to store 2,500 MT and each having a loading capacity of 3,500 MT in 2 hours.[12]

A January 2018 report in the Business Standard indicates that the Phase II expansion is now complete, and that the port's future Phase III expansion is expected to raise overall cargo volumes to 200 mtpa, increasing the total number of berths from 11 to 44, and deepening the port's draft from 18.5 meters to 22 meters.[6]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd. (KPCL), CVR Group
  • Location: near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 70 million (all cargo)
  • Additional Proposed Capacity (Tonnes): up to 130 million (all cargo)
  • Status: Proposed expansion
  • Type: Imports
  • Projected in service:
  • Cost of expansion:
  • Financing for expansion:
  • Coal Source: Australia, Indonesia, Mozambique

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