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Coal plants in Gujarat, India

For a full list and map of all coal plants in Gujarat, India, go to CoalSwarm's Global Coal Plant Tracker and choose Region South Asia, Map India - Gujarat.

Opposition to power plants

Opposition to new coal-fired power plants in Gujarat has occurred at a several locations.

February 2012: Opponents of Bhadreshwar power station (OPG) (Gujarat) prevail at National Green Tribunal

On February 8, 2012, the National Green Tribunal, a body created in 2010 to handle cases relating to environmental protection, directed that no construction activity should take place with respect to the plant until all approvals are obtained by the OPG Power Ventures, the sponsor of the project. Construction had begun at the site without the necessary approvals under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, and CRZ clearance. The construction had been challenged at the National Green Tribunal by fisherfolk, salpan workers, and local villagers.[1] The halting of the project was an unusual event. According to Prayas Energy Group, "It is extremely rare for a thermal power plant (TPP) to have its environmental clearance rejected. In fact, not a single thermal power plant has been denied clearance by the MoEF from 2006 to July 2010...."[2] The order of the National Green Tribunal can be found here. The order to stop construction of the plant attacted nationwide media attention, including the following stories:

October 2010: Fisherfolk and salt pan workers rally against Adani Project (Gujarat)

October 6, 2010: Public hearing on Bhadreshwar Thermal Power Project (Adani)

On October 6, 2010, fisherfolk and salt pan workers in Kutch district spoke out in opposition to the Bhadreshwar Thermal Power Project (Adani), expressing concerns about the open cycle once-through cooling system due to the impacts of thermal pollution on marine ecology.[3] According to the Bhadreshwar fishing community trade union, local communities in the vicinity of other coal plants on the Kutch coast have suffered from coal dust and fly ash especially during summer months due to arid conditions and the direction of wind towards land. Concerns include the effect of air pollution on fish drying and salt production, as well as on the famous Jain Vasai teerth, a pilgrimage destination for members of the Jain religion. Residents note that over 1,000 families are dependant on traditional fishing, and that the cumulative effects of multiple power plants have not been adequately considered. The trade union notes that the Adani Foundation has offered a compensation package to the fishing community but that the amount of the package (Rs.4 Crores) is a "lollipop," especially compared to the Rs.20 Crores of annula revenue from fishing on the Bhadreshwar coast.[4]

Coal terminals in Gujarat

Table 1: Coal terminals in Gujarat (table)

Latitude Longitude Country Terminal State/Province Operator Annual Capacity (MM Tonnes) Status Notes
22.515273 70.029323 India Bedi Port Gujarat Existing
21.692444 72.534056 India Dahej Port Gujarat Existing
23.031142 70.221992 India Kandla port Gujarat Existing
21.140539 72.736402 India Magadalla Port Gujarat Existing
20.77583 70.60861 India Muldwarka Port Gujarat Existing
22.74111 69.70944 India Mundra Port Gujarat Adani Enterprises 40 Existing
22.470229 69.081688 India Okha Port Gujarat Existing
20.922441 71.507478 India Pipavev Port Gujarat APM Terminals Existing
21.640436 69.593775 India Porbandar Port Gujarat Existing
22.423882 69.827878 India Sikka Port Gujarat Existing


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Coal terminals in Gujarat (map)

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