Uzbekistan and coal

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Uzbekistan is a small coal producer, ranked 34th in the world, extracting 4.1 million tonnes in 2019.

Coal Resources

According to expert reports commissioned by the World Energy Council in 2011, Uzbekistan contains is 1853 million tonnes of brown coal and 47 million tonnes of black coal. Total coal resources are put at more than 5.7 billion tonnes. Uzbekistan has listed commercial coal reserves of approximately 3,000 Mt, including 1,000 Mt of bituminous coal. [1]

Resources Details

Category Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year
BGR Estimate Reserves 1,375[2] million tonnes 2019
BGR Estimate Resources 9,477[2] million tonnes 2019
Geological Survey Reserves 1,900[3] million tonnes 2011
Geological Survey Resources 5,700[3] million tonnes 2011
Commercial Reporting Reserves million tonnes
Commercial Reporting Resources million tonnes

Coal Production

Uzbekistan is a small coal producer, ranked 34th in the world, extracting 4.1 million tonnes in 2019. The major coal mines in the country include: Baysun coal mine and Shargun coal mine.

Coal Projects

The major coal projects and ongoing coal mine proposals include:Angren coal mine and Nishbash mine

Coal Consumption

Uzbekistan consumed 4.7 million short tons per annum in 2016, ranked 48th in the world, and accounting for about 0.4% of the world's total consumption.[4]


In 2016, Uzbekistan imports 1% of its coal consumption (49,545 short tons).[4]

Recent Developments

In May 2018, Turkey agreed to build coal and gas plants in Uzbekistan.[5]


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