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The Electricity Generation Company (Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. or EÜAŞ) is a Turkish government owned electricity utility company. EÜAŞ owns and operates power stations and coal mines.[1] Its headquarters are in Ankara, Turkey. Although EÜAŞ owns coal fields and coal mines across 7 provinces, it does not produce coal. Production from EÜAŞ owned coal mines and fields are undertaken by private companies that acquire operating rights through tenders.


Although EÜAŞ owns seven coalfields, coal is being mines only in the Afşin-Elbistan coalfield and the Çayırhan coalfield.[2] Whereas coal production in the former is leased in 2018 to Afşin- Elbistan Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Afşin Elbistan Electricity Production and Trade inc.),[3] a subsidiary of Çelikler Holding,[4] the latter is operated by Park Termik, a subsidiary of Ciner Group since 2010.[5]

It owns Afşin-Elbistan, Çan (18 Mart) , Çayırhan and Soma A (used for R&D) coal-fired power stations.[6]

Proposed lignite-fired power stations

EÜAŞ has proposed the construction of two new lignite-fired plants.[7][8]

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Country Developer CARMA ID Plant Status MW Fuel Latitude Longitude
Turkey EUAS 363 Afsin - Elbistan C announced 1400 lignite 38.350818 37.00706
Turkey EUAS 364 Afsin - Elbistan D announced 1200 lignite 38.353439 36.981118

Coal Resources

Resource Details

Category Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year
Commercial Reserves Total Reserves (Proven and Probable) 963[9] million tonnes 2020
Commercial Resources Total Resources million tonnes

Coal Production

Coal Exports

Revenue and Profits



Gross Profit:



Gross Profit:


Company Website: https://www.euas.gov.tr/


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