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Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC) is a Japanese steel company formed in 2012 with the merger of the original Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal. Nippon Steel Corporation was formed in 1970 with the merger of Fuji Iron & Steel and Yawata Iron & Steel. Nippon Steel Corporation is the world's third largest steel producer by volume as of 2018.[1]


Predecessor companies

Major plant locations

List of Principle Subsidiaries and Affiliates (as of March 31, 2019).

Added after Sumitomo merger

Joint ventures

  • New Carlisle, Indiana, USA (built 1991)
  • AM/NS Calvert. Formerly named ThyssenKrupp Steel USA and located in Calvert, Alabama, the facility was purchased from ThyssenKrupp through a 50/50 joint partnership with ArcelorMittal in February 2014 for $1.5 billion and renamed AM/NS Calvert.[2] A greenfield construction project which began in 2007, the facility began operation in 2010 and has a production capacity of 5.3 million tons and includes a hot strip mill, cold roll mill and 4 coating lines. Products from the facility are marketed in the NAFTA region through managing partner ArcelorMittal.[3]
  • Nippon Steel Trading Co., Ltd., has set up a joint venture with three Indonesian local companies to produce 120,000 tons of sheet steel for the automotive industry. Nippon Steel would control a 30 percent share of the joint venture, PT IndoJapan Steel Center. It is located in the Mitra Karawang Industrial Estate, West Java in a 4.8-hectare area with total investment for first phase $38 million and was expected to start operating in January 2013.[4]

Coal interests

Nippon Steel states that in 2010 58% of the Japanese steel industry's imports of coking coal were from Australia with 10% from Canada. Nippon Steel's imports represented 29.5% of the total.[5]

The company lists coal supply projects that it has invested in as being:[5]


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