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TTK, (Türkiye Taşkömürü Kurumu or Turkey Hard Coal Enterprise) is a Turkish government-owned hard coal mining company

The company produced 714 thousand tonnes of hard coal in 2020.[1]


There have been government plans to privatize TTK since 2016. The plans have met resistance from the miners and as of 2021 TTK is still publicly owned.[2]

Coal mines


According to the OECD: "Production costs for hard-coal of the state-owned Turkish Hard-Coal Enterprises (TTK) averaged TRL 619 per tonne in 2013. The average selling price was only TRL 194 and the treasury compensated the loss. The support amounted to TRL 567 million in 2013." [3]

Coal Resources

Resource Details

Category Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year
Commercial Reserves Total Reserves (Proven and Probable) 817[1] million tonnes 2020
Commercial Resources Total Resources million tonnes

Coal Production

Coal Exports

Revenue and Profits



Gross Profit:



Gross Profit:


Company Website:


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