Carrasco-Cochabamba Gas Pipeline

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Carrasco-Cochabamba Gas Pipeline (also known as GCC) is an operating gas pipeline running from Carrasco to Cochabamba within Bolivia.[1]


The pipeline starts in Carrasco and runs to Cochabamba, Bolivia.[2]

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Project Details

  • Operator: YPBF and Transredes[2]
  • Parent company: YPBF (97.4%), Other (2.6%)
  • Capacity: 120 MMcfd[3]
  • Length: 250 km / 155 miles[2]
  • Diameter: 16 inches[2]
  • Status: Operating[4]
  • Start Year: 2008[2]
  • Cost: $170 million USD[2]
  • Financing:


Some areas which the pipeline passes through are geologically unstable.[4][5] In January 2021, YPBF was finalizing repair work on the GCC in the Sillar zone for damage done by a landslide which washed away nearly 70 meters of the pipeline in Villa Tunari.[4]

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