Proposed coal plants in the United States

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Beginning around the year 2000, in response to increases in natural gas prices, utilities across the United States began a renewed push to build new coal-fired electricity generating plants. By the spring of 2007, approximately 150 such projects were either under construction or in various stages of planning. The National Energy Technology Laboratory, a division of the Department of Energy, maintained a database of such projects, but ceased providing project-specific information as of May 2007. Since that report, scores of coal-fired power plants have been canceled, but new proposals have appeared.

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(Note: There are no proposed coal plants in Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont.)

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The following sortable table lists proposed coal plants in the United States. Sierra plant names, capacity figures, and status designations are as listed in the Sierra Club's "Stopping the Coal Rush" tracking list as of May 2011.

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State Plant name (CoalSwarm) Plant name (Sierra) Total Capacity (MW) Status
AK Alaska Natural Resources-to-Liquids plant Alaska Natural Resources-to-Liquids Plant 300 uncertain
AK Alaska Power and Telephone Plant Alaska Power and Telephone plant canceled 2009
AK Cook Inlet Region Inc. Underground Gasification Project 100 uncertain
AK Fairbanks Coal-to-Liquids Fairbanks Coal-to-Liquids 60-200 uncertain
AK Healy Clean Coal Plant Healy Plant 50 active
AK Matanuska Power Plant Matanuska Electric Association's Mat-Su plant 100 canceled 2007
AK Bethel Power Plant Nuvista 100 canceled 2007
AK Western Arctic Coal Project Western Arctic Coal Project 50 canceled 2009
AK Kenai Blue Sky Project Agrium Coal Gasification 350 canceled 2008
AK CIRI coal to gas plant active
AK Eielson Air Force Base Coal-to-Liquids active
AR Plum Point Energy Station Plum Point I 665 operating 2010
AR Hempstead Hempstead (AEP) 600 active
AR Plum Point Energy Station Plum Point II 665 uncertain
AZ Bowie IGCC Power Station Bowie IGCC Power Station 600 canceled 2007
AZ Springerville Generating Station Unit 3 Springerville 400 operating 2005
AZ Springerville Generating Station Unit 4 Springerville 400 operating 2009
CA Hydrogen Energy California Hydrogen Energy 390 active
CO AES Colorado Power Project AES Colorado Power Project 640 canceled 2008
CO Buick Coal and Power Project Buick Coal and Power Project 500 canceled 2007
CO Comanche Generating Station Unit 3 Comanche 750 operating 2010
CO Ray D. Nixon Power Plant DOE / Foster Wheeler 150 canceled 2007
CO High Plains Energy Station LS Power High Plains Energy Station 600 canceled 2008
CO Radar Buick Coal Project uncertain
CO Radar-West Hawk Buick Coal Project canceled
CO Tri-State Colorado Power Project uncertain
CO Unnamed Tri-State Plant Tri-State Front Range plant 1000 canceled 2009
CO Unnamed Xcel Energy Plant Xcel Energy IGCC plant 350 canceled 2007
CO Xcel IGCC plant 600 canceled 2007
CO Lamar Light & Power / Arkansas River Power Authority operating 2009
DE Indian River Indian River Expansion (IGCC) 630 canceled 2007
FL Stanton Energy Center Orange County IGCC Plant 285 canceled 2007
FL Seminole 3 Seminole 750 canceled 2009
FL Taylor Energy Center, Alternative Proposal Southern Company 787 canceled 2007
FL FPL St. Lucie Plant St. Lucie canceled 2005
FL Taylor Energy Center Taylor Energy Center 800 canceled 2007
FL Polk Power Station Unit 6 Polk Power Station 6 630 canceled 2007
FL Glades Glades 1960 canceled 2007
FL FPL Crystal River operating
FL Northside Generating Station operating 2002
GA Ben Hill Plant Ben Hill 850 canceled 2013
GA Longleaf Longleaf 1200 canceled 2011
GA Washington Plant Washington County Power Station 850 active, in litigation
IA Council Bluffs Energy Center Unit 4 Council Bluffs Energy Center 4 790 operating 2007
IA Dairyland Chickasaw/Mitchell Plant Dairyland Power Cooperative 400 canceled 2004
IA Sutherland Generating Station Unit 4 Marshalltown power plant 649 canceled 2009
IA LS Power Elk Run Energy Station LS Power Elk Run Energy Station 750 canceled 2009
ID Idaho Power Company IGCC Proposal Idaho Power company 250 canceled 2007
ID Soda Springs Power Plant Project Mountain Island Energy Holdings 600 canceled 2007
ID Power County Advanced Energy Center Power County uncertain
ID Sempra Power Proposal Sempra Energy Jerome Plant 600 canceled 2006
IL Drummond Coal-to-Liquids Plant abandoned
IL Leucadia Illinois Plant Leucadia National Corporation projected 2013
IL Fayette County Economic Development Project Clean Coal Power Resources 2400 canceled 2007
IL Elkhart Proposal (Corn Belt) Cornbelt 91 canceled 2007
IL Baldwin Energy Complex Dynegy/Illinois Power 1300 canceled 2007
IL Franklin County Power Plant EnviroPower 600 canceled 2008
IL FutureGen FutureGen 275 canceled 2008
IL FutureGen FutureGen 2.0 200 active
IL Illinois Energy Group Illinois Energy Group 1500 canceled 2007
IL Elmwood Energy Center Indeck 600 canceled 2007
IL Illinois Clean Fuels American Clean Coal Fuels abandoned 2009
IL LoraxAg LoraxAg abandoned 2010
IL Marion Gasification Plant Madison Power Corp. 600 canceled 2008
IL Marion Plant
IL Peabody/Arclight SNG Project
IL MGP 50 canceled 2011
IL Power Holdings Company plant Power Holdings active
IL Prairie State Energy Campus Prairie State/Peabody 1500 progressing
IL Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation Rentech 76 canceled 2007
IL Secure Energy Decatur Gasification Plant Secure Energy Decatur Gasification Plant active
IL Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Plant SIUC Power Plant 225 canceled 2008
IL Vulcan's Manteno Lime Plant active
IL Dallman Unit 4 Springfield 200 operating 2009
IL Taylorville Energy Center Taylorville Energy Center 770 active
IL Elkhart Proposal (Turris Coal) Turris Coal Company 35 canceled 2007
IL United Supply of America Coal Plant United Supply of America 270 canceled 2005
IL Southern Illinois Clean Energy Center Steelhead Energy 545 canceled 2007
IN Edwardsport Plant Duke Energy's Edwardsport plant 630 active
IN Sullivan County Plant EnviroPower 500 canceled 2003
IN Indiana SNG Indiana Gasification 134 upcoming
IN Crossroads Project Tondu Corporation 630 canceled 2005
IN Newport Synfuels Plant Clean Coal Refining CTL plant uncertain
IN Purdue University Wade Utility Plant Purdue University's Wade Power Plant 50 canceled 2011
KS Holcomb Expansion Holcomb / Tri-State 895 active
KS Kansas BPU Nearman Creek expansion 235 canceled 2007
KS Westar Energy Kansas Plant Westar 600 canceled 2007
KS Great Plains Energy Plant
KY Fuel Frontiers plant Fuel Frontiers, Inc. upcoming
KY Cash Creek Generation Cash Creek IGCC 770 active
KY Clean Coal Power Operations Coal-to-Liquids Plant
KY Kentucky Pioneer IGCC Demonstration Project canceled 2006
KY Coal Synthetics Coal Synthetics canceled 2010
KY Estill County Energy Partners Estill County Energy Partners 110 uncertain
KY Kentucky Mountain Power Kentucky Mountain Power (EnviroPower) 600 canceled 2008
KY Bell 600 uncertain
KY Smith Station Smith 278 canceled 2010
KY Spurlock Power Station Unit 3 Spurlock 268 operating 2005
KY Spurlock Power Station Unit 4 Spurlock 268 operating 2009
KY Thoroughbred Generating Station Thoroughbred 1500 canceled 2008
KY Trimble County Generating Station 2 Trimble 750 operating 2011
KY Black Stallion Energy Center Black Stallion Energy Center 660 upcoming
KY NewGas Energy Center NewGas Energy Center active
LA Big Cajun II Unit 4 Big Cajun II Unit 4 705 canceled 2008
LA Leucadia Lake Charles Gasification active
LA Little Gypsy Repowering Little Gypsy refit 530 canceled 2009
LA Rodemacher Unit 3 Rodemacher Power Station 660 operating 2010
LA Big Cajun I Big Cajun I 230 active
MA Somerset Power Generating Station Somerset Generating Station (Plasma Gasification) 132 canceled 2011
MD Sparrows Point Sparrows Point 400 canceled 2007
MD Garrett County Casselman Clean Coal Project Garrett County Casselman Clean Coal Project canceled
MD AES Warrior Run Generation Plant operating 1999
MD Frederick County plant canceled 2007
ME Twin River Energy Center Twin River Energy Center 700 canceled 2007
MI Northern Michigan University Ripley Heating Plant NMU Ripley Addition 10 canceled 2009
MI Northern Lights Northern Lights 425 canceled 2004
MI Wolverine Clean Energy Venture Wolverine Power Plant 600 active
MI Lansing Board of Water and Light Lansing 350 canceled 2010
MI Karn/Weadock Generating Complex Expansion Consumers Energy Plant 930 canceled 2010
MI Escanaba Power Plant 300 canceled 2007
MI Midland Power Plant Midland power plant 750 canceled 2009
MI James De Young Generation Station Expansion James De Young Station 78 active
MI Great Lakes Energy and Research Park / Alma 750 canceled
MI TES Filer City Station Repowering TES Filer IGCC 180 canceled 2010
MN Mesaba Energy Project Mesaba Energy Project 603 active
MN Rosemount Project Xcel Rosemount 550 canceled 2007
MN New Ulm Power Plant New Ulm Boiler #4 15 canceled 2011
MO Norborne Baseload Plant Associate Electric Cooperative's Norborne 660 canceled 2008
MO Iatan 2 Iatan (KCP&L) 850 operating 2010
MO Southwest Power Station Unit 2 Springfield 300 operating 2011
MO University of Missouri-Columbia Power Plant University of Missouri - Columbia 40 canceled 2008
MS Belwood Coal-to-Liquids Belwood/Natchez Coal-to-Liquids plant upcoming
MS Mississippi Gasification Moss Point Gasification uncertain
MS Kemper Project Mississippi Power Kemper IGCC 582 active
MS Red Hills Power Project Ackerman / Red Hills Mine canceled 2010
MT Highwood Generating Station Highwood 250 canceled 2009
MT Nelson Creek Project Nelson Creek (aka Circle) 500 canceled 2007
MT Roundup Coal-to-Liquids canceled 2007
MT Bechtel / Kennecot Project Otter Creek 3000 canceled
MT Thompson River Co-Gen
MT Roundup Power Project Roundup 750 canceled 2007
MT Hardin Generating Station Hardin Generating Plant 116 operating 2006
MT Malmstrom Air Force Base Coal-to-Liquids Malmstrom Air Force Base Coal-to-Liquids canceled 2009
MT Ambre Energy plant Ambre Prep Plant canceled 2010
MT Broadview coal plant Broadview 200 canceled 2008
MT Crow Nation CFB Crow Nation CFB 2000 canceled 2010
MT Crow Nation CTG plant canceled
MT Many Stars Coal-to-Liquids Many Stars CTL upcoming
MT Comanche Park Plant uncertainstone / Comanche 200 canceled 2006
NC Cliffside Plant Cliffside 800 2012 startup
ND South Heart Power Project South Heart Coal 175 active
ND Spiritwood Industrial Park Spiritwood Station 99 progressing
ND American Lignite Energy American Lignite Co's Coal-to-Liquids plant 150 uncertain
ND Gascoyne 175 Project Gascoyne 175 Generating Station 175 canceled 2007
ND Gascoyne 500 Project Gascoyne 500 Generating Station 500 canceled 2008
ND Milton Young 3 Milton Young 3 500 canceled 2008
NE Whelan Energy Center Unit 2 Whelan Energy Center II 220 operating 2009
NE Nebraska City Station Unit 2 OPPD's Nebraska City 2 660 operating 2009
NE Nebraska City Station Unit 3 abandoned
NJ PurGen One PurGen 750 uncertain
NJ West Deptford Project West Deptford 650 canceled 2007
NM Desert Rock Desert Rock 1500 abandoned 2011
NM Mustang Energy Project Mustang 300 canceled 2006
NM Cottonwood Energy Center on hold
NV Ely Energy Center, Phase I, Ely Energy Center, Phase II Ely Energy Center 1500 canceled 2009
NV Gerlach Plant Granite Fox Power Project 1450 canceled 2006
NV Toquop Toquop Energy Project 750 canceled 2010
NV White Pine Energy Station White Pine Energy Station 1580 canceled 2009
NV TS Power Plant Newmont coal plant 210 operating 2008
NY Huntley Generating Station Huntley (NRG) 680 canceled 2007
NY Scriba Coal Gasification Plant Scriba Coal Gasification plant canceled 2010
NY Clean Coal Plant Project (Jamestown, New York) BPU Jamestown plant 40 upcoming
NY Scriba Coal Gasification Plant DeWitt Coal-to-Methane Gasification Plant canceled 2007
NY Lackawanna Coal-to-Gas Lackawanna CTG canceled 2010
NY Russell Station II Russell Station II 300 canceled 2007
OH American Municipal Power Generating Station American Municipal Power (AMP) Generating Station 960 canceled 2009
OH Ashtabula IGCC Generating Facility Ashtabula IGCC Generating Facility 830 canceled 2006
OH Dominion Energy Dominion Conneaut 600 canceled
OH First Energy/Consol IGCC canceled
OH Great Bend IGCC Great Bend IGCC 600 canceled 2009
OH Lima Energy Lima Energy Station 600 canceled 2008
OH Rentech Coal-to-Liquids plant canceled 2010
OH Atlantic Energy Ventures gasification plant Irontron Energy Center 200 canceled 2010
OH Lawrence Energy Center Lawrence County Energy Center / Hanging Rock 850-1100 canceled
OH Ohio River Clean Fuels Ohio River Coal-to-Liquids plant 250 canceled 2011
OH Haverhill Cogeneration Station operating 2008
OK AES Shady Point II AES Shady Point II 630 canceled 2009
OK Clean Global Energy UCG (Shady Point) 300
OK Hugo 2 Hugo 2 750 canceled 2010
OK Sallisaw Project Sallisaw Electric Generating Plant 100 canceled 2007
OK Red Rock Generating Facility Red Rock Generating Facility 100 canceled 2007
OK LS Power Sequoyah Plant abandoned
OK SynFuel Enid Project canceled
OR Lower Columbia Clean Energy Center Lower Columbia Clean Energy Center 100 abandoned 2008
PA Beech Hollow Energy Project Beech Hollow 250 canceled 2010
PA Enviropower Plant
PA Good Spring Plant Good Spring 150 active
PA Greene Energy Resource Recovery Project Greene County 580 active
PA River Hill Power Project River Hill Power 290 canceled 2010
PA Gilberton Coal-to-Clean-Fuels and Power Project Schuylkill 41 canceled 2008
PA Seward Power Plant operating 2004
PA Sithe Shade Township Project Sithe Global 300 canceled 2008
PA Unnamed 1000 MW Project (Pennsylvania)
SC Cross Generating Station Unit 3 Cross Generating Station 640 operating 2007
SC Cross Generating Station Unit 4 Cross Generating Station 640 operating 2008
SC Marion City Project Marion City 500-1100 canceled 2008
SC Pee Dee Generating Facility Pee Dee Facility 1320 canceled 2009
SD Hyperion Energy Center 200 active
SD Big Stone II Milbank / Big Stone City 500 canceled 2009
SD NextGen Energy Facility Walworth County / Selby 700 canceled 2009
TX Babcock & Brown 800 uncertain
TX ConocoPhillips Sweeny Refinery Gasification 683 upcoming
TX Diamond Alternative Energy Gasification plant canceled 2010
TX Freeport Plant Freeport Plant 400 progressing
TX Oak Grove Plant TXU Oak Grove 1720 operating 2010
TX La Porte IGCC Plant NRG S.R. Betron IGCC Facility 550 canceled 2009
TX Las Brisas Energy Center Las Brisas 1320 active
TX Spruce Unit 2 Spruce 750 operating 2010
TX Texas Clean Energy Project Summit Power 400 active
TX TXE Industrial Gasification Facility Texas Energy Gasification canceled 2009
TX Twin Oaks Power Unit 3 Twin Oaks 600 canceled 2008
TX Sandy Creek Plant Sandy Creek 800 active
TX White Stallion Energy Center White Stallion Energy Center 1320 active
TX Limestone 3 Limestone III 744 active
TX Coleto Creek expansion Coleto Creek Expansion 650 active
TX Port Comfort Repowering Project NuCoastal 303 active
TX Nueces IGCC Plant Nueces IGCC 600 canceled 2007
TX Trailblazer Energy Center Tenaska 600 active
TX Big Brown 3 TXU Big Brown 858 canceled 2007
TX Lake Creek 3 TXU Lake Creek 3 858 canceled 2007
TX Martin Lake 4 TXU Martin Lake 4 858 canceled 2007
TX Monticello 4 TXU Monticello 4 858 canceled 2007
TX Morgan Creek 7 TXU Morgan Creek 7 858 canceled 2007
TX Sandow Unit 5 TXU Sandow 5 600 operating 2009
TX Tradinghouse 3 & 4 TXU Tradinghouse 3 & 4 1600 canceled 2007
TX Valley 4 TXU Valley 4 858 canceled 2007
UT Consolidated Energy 109 canceled 2009
UT Sevier Plant NEVCO (Sevier) 270 canceled 2010
UT Green River Plant Green River 500 canceled 2010
UT Hunter 4 Hunter 4 Power Plant (PacifiCorp) 850 canceled 2007
UT Intermountain Power Project Unit 3 Intermountain Power (IPP) 900 canceled 2009
UT Bonanza Power Plant addition Bonanza 110 canceled 2010
VA Surry County Plant Cypress Creek Power Station 1500 uncertain, temp. hold
VA Wise County Plant Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center 585 startup 2012
VA LS Power Sussex proposal LS Power, Sussex County 800 canceled 2007
WA Composite Power Project Composite Power 2500 canceled 2003
WA Wallula Energy Resource Center Wallula Energy Resource Center 915 canceled 2009
WA Pacific Mountain Energy Center Energy Northwest 783 canceled 2007
WI E.J. Stoneman Expansion Cassville 200 canceled 2007
WI Nelson Dewey Generating Facility Cassville/Nelson Dewey III 300 canceled 2008
WI Oak Creek Unit 1 Oak Creek / Elm Road 615 operating 2010
WI Oak Creek Unit 2 Oak Creek / Elm Road 615 operating 2011
WI Weston Unit 4 Wausau / Weston 4 525 operating 2008
WV Benwood Project Benwood (Marshall County Industrial Park) canceled 2008
WV Western Greenbrier Co-Production Demonstration Project Greenbrier County / Rainelle 75 canceled 2008
WV Waste Management Logan County plant Logan canceled 2010
WV Longview Plant Longview / Monongalia County 695 operating 2011
WV Mingo Project Mingo County canceled 2010
WV TransGas Development Systems Mingo County CTL Plant active
WV Mountaineer New Haven (Mason County) / Mountaineer Plant 629 canceled 2008
WV Upshur County Project Upshur 450 canceled 2002
WY Jim Bridger Unit 5 Jim Bridger 500 canceled 2007
WY Energy Expediters canceled
WY Buffalo Energy Project Buffalo Energy 1100 canceled 2008
WY Gillette Coal-to-Liquids Plant Rentech Inc. 104 canceled 2007
WY Medicine Bow Plant Medicine Bow 200 active
WY Idaho Power Company Pulverized Coal Proposal on hold
WY Laramie County pilot plant Gov. Freudenthal and Gov. Schwarzenegger initiative canceled 2010
WY University of Wyoming High Plains Gasification Plant active
WY Wygen Unit 2 90 operating 2008
WY Wygen Unit 3 Wygen III 110 operating 2010
WY Dry Fork Station Basin / Dry Fork 385 active
WY PacifiCorp Sweetwater Project canceled 2007
WY Two Elk Energy Park Unit 2 Two Elk 2 750 canceled 2010
WY Two Elk Energy Park Unit 1 Two Elk 325 active
WY Point of Rocks Project PacifiCorp Point of Rocks 400 canceled 2008

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